TOMORROW: Comment to Help Save Outdoor Dining

Let our Supervisors know we need outdoor dining to be permanent

Tomorrow, May 24, legislation to make outdoor dining permanent will be discussed by the Land Use and Transportation Committee of the Board of Supervisors. Even though support for outdoor dining is high (90+% based on surveys to business owners and residents), we've heard that some supervisors might try to delay instead of calling for a vote.

It’s time to voice your support directly to city supervisors!


Talking points:

  1. Outdoor dining is good for our small businesses, good for our community, and fun.

  2. Support for outdoor dining is high (90+% based on surveys to business owners and residents). We shouldn't let a vocal minority of residents hold back popular ideas.

  3. After a year of incredible uncertainty and lost rents, our small businesses need both Shared Spaces and the Small Business Recovery Act to proceed without delay or amendments.

Haven't given public comment before?

Don't worry, it's easy! Introduce yourself and briefly mention why you love outdoor dining. You will be given 1 or 2 minutes to speak. Here's a sample comment:

Hi, my name is Mike and I live in the Inner Sunset. I'm calling in support of making outdoor dining permanent. Over the past year my family and I have really enjoyed eating and drinking outside. It's safe and fun.

We don't want to see this go away. Outdoor dining has been great for our small businesses and for our community. Walking around our neighborhood now we see so much more energy than we did before. People are outside having fun and meeting each other.

This program has been great for the city and we want it to continue forever. Thank you.

Other ways to help

  1. Email your Supervisor letting them know you love outdoor dining. Our website make it easy to lookup your Supervisor and compose an email.

  2. Share our petition with your friends, HOAs, neighborhood groups, Facebook groups, etc. We need to get as many people signed on as possible.

Thank you so much for helping us make a better San Francisco.

- The Grow SF Team