The Grow SF Report, Vol. 7

What You Need To Know

The latest updates on SF government progress, policies, and priorities:

Update: SF School Board in Chaos

Alison Collins filed an $87 million lawsuit against the school district and the school board commissioners. While most called the lawsuit frivolous, it looks like she might get some help from the Supreme Court, as they decide on a similar case in Texas.

Joel Engardio writes, “Wouldn’t it be ironic if a majority conservative Supreme Court sets a precedent that helps Alison Collins win an $87 million lawsuit against San Francisco’s school district? It would also be tragic, considering our schools already face a $169 million deficit.”

Read more on Joel’s blog here.

SFO’s Slow Recovery

No major airport has taken as big of a hit by the pandemic as SFO, and the Chronicle has published a well-researched analysis into why. The TL;DR? International travel. Pre-pandemic, 26% of flights in and out of SFO were international, compared with 17% for all major airports in the U.S. And international air travel has, understandably, been the slowest category of air travel to recover.

Update: SF COVID-19 Vaccinations

San Francisco continues to quickly distribute the vaccine. Here’s the latest:

Your Action Plan

Now that you know what’s happening, help us shape what happens next:

Save Outdoor Dining

Grow SF, together with Streets for People and other groups who like to have fun, are fighting to make outdoor dining (the Shared Spaces program) permanent.

Making the program permanent will help our restaurants and bars get back on their feet, create thousands of jobs, and generate tax revenue for the city. Outdoor dining will also attract tourists who will support all businesses in the city.

Sign Our Petition

This past weekend, volunteers went around the city putting up posters in support of outdoor dining? Want to help? Fill out our volunteer form.

Apply for the SF Civil Grand Jury

Are you passionate about improving the effectiveness of the San Francisco city government? The SF Civil Grand Jury is a watchdog organization made up of SF residents passionate about holding public officials accountable. Jury members serve a term of one year and are able to investigate any aspect of SF government they choose. 19 Grand Jury members will be randomly selected from a pool of applicants. If you’re interested, applications are due by May 14.

Help with the School Board Recall

The movement to recall the SF School Board is in full swing. Signatures must be pen on paper (online doesn’t count). Download a petition here to print, sign, and mail. Or come to the drive-thru signing this Sunday.

Drive-Thru Petition Signing

Date: Sunday, May 2
Time: 11am to 1pm
Place: Lowell High School, 1101 Eucalyptus Drive

Fun in SF

Check out some of our favorite fun activities happening in SF right now:

Take a Hike

Check Out the Bay Area Book Festival

Since 2015, Bay Area Book Festival has featured the boldest and most brilliant literary voices in conversations about issues that matter, with a focus on justice and diversity. It’s a world-class literary extravaganza taking place each year over two days in Downtown Berkeley. All of its programming—250-300 authors on 15 stages—is accessible with one $15 pass, and the Outdoor Fair, a wonderland of literary vendors, kids’ activities, and family fun, is totally free.

This year’s Book Festival is happening in downtown Berkeley this weekend and next weekend: Check it out!

Topical Tweets

Yes, there is good stuff on Twitter. Here’s some of it:

The battle to open a new ice cream shop in the Mission ended when Jason Yu gave up on his multi year fight that cost him $200,000. How did this happen? Our Discretionary Review process allows almost anyone to file a complaint and get a change locked up in political process. Mike Chen breaks it down here:

Yes, that bespectacled man you saw in Alamo Square this weekend actually was Danny Tanner back at his old stomping grounds:

Thanks to Danny Sauter for joining us last weekend for our Shared Spaces poster drive in North Beach!