The Grow SF Report, Vol. 25

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What You Need To Know

Here’s what happened around the city this week:

He Will Survive…

…If Enough Democrats Remember To Vote

Governor Gavin Newsom has been doing everything he can to beat back a recall, and the effort appears to be working. The latest polls show the recall is failing and Newsom will likely remain governor. But that’s despite Newsom being his own worse enemy with years of self-inflicted wounds — as Joe Eskenazi brilliantly explains in a Mission Local essay. To save Newsom, Democrats must still remember to vote no on the recall (and to choose a backup option they find the least bad). Check out the Grow SF PAC voter guide for an easy to use summary of all the candidates, and why voting no is so important.

Grow SF PAC Voter Guide

No Burrito For You! (If You Live in North Beach)

North Beach residents got excited about finally getting an awesome burrito shop in their neighborhood. But hearts are being broken and taste buds denied by a law, originally sponsored by Supervisor Peskin, that says the beloved El Farolito restaurant is as soulless as a Wal-Mart. Why? San Francisco limits stores with more than 11 locations, even if it’s a local burrito joint.

The “formula retail” ban means El Farolito is now burrito-non-grata.

Now this local small business has to fight City Hall just to bring one of the best burritos in the city to North Beach. Read more on Mission Local.

School Board Recall Makes History

The school board recall surpassed its 70k signature goal one week before the September 7 deadline, virtually ensuring the recall will qualify for the ballot.

No local recall attempt in San Francisco has gathered enough signatures in nearly 40 years. And the last time it happened, in 1983, only five percent of registered voters needed to sign. Today, the threshold is ten percent! The school board recall made history doing twice as much work.

Expect this election some time between December and February, and keep an eye out for the Grow SF Voter Guide!

Update: SF COVID-19 Vaccinations

With the delta variant spreading, it’s important that everyone who is eligible get vaccinated.

Delta variant update

If you received a Johnson & Johnson vaccine and are worried about the Delta variant, San Francisco’s Department of Public Health Adult Immunization & Travel Clinic (AITC) and Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFG) are offering supplemental mRNA shots.

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