The Grow SF Report, Vol. 13

What You Need To Know

The latest updates on SF government progress, policies, and priorities:

The Outdoor Dining Debate Rages On

The Land Use Committee approved multiple amendments to the legislation making outdoor dining permanent. But many believe these changes make the program a show stopper for restaurant owners. It will be back in committee on June 18, and then go to the full board. We’ll be watching closely.

Slow Streets are Good for SF Businesses

“Slow Street closures have helped bump up businesses across the country. A recent data analysis by Yelp detailing the effects of Slow Streets in four major cities, including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco, showed that business increased along corridors barred from vehicular traffic. Valencia Street in the Mission District, for example, saw an 18 percent boost in consumer activity compared to the rest of the city during the lockdown.”

Original Rainbow Flag Returns to SF

“The original eight stripes were deliberately designed to represent pride and power of the expansive community. But many say the flag is imbued with an even more powerful purpose: to serve as a beacon of safety and of hope.”

A CEQA Appeal Threatens The Creamery

The Creamery, a SOMA favorite that shut down during the pandemic, is trying to take over an *empty* storefront in the Mission. But leave it to no fun NIMBYs to file a CEQA appeal, claiming an environmental review is needed. While the board voted against the appeal, it was a huge waste of time and energy for all. Let’s get back to solving our real problems?

Update: SF COVID-19 Vaccinations

San Francisco continues to quickly distribute the vaccine. Here’s the latest:

Your Action Plan

Now that you know what’s happening, help us shape what happens next:

June 15: Exclusive Interview with Supervisor Mandelman

Restaurants Return to Full Capacity

This week the Mayor announced that SF will be following California’s guidelines and removing most Covid restrictions on June 15. You know what that means? Get your friends together and have a normal meal indoors. It will be weird, but fun.

SF Politics 101

Who: Joel Engardio
When: Tuesday, June 15 at 7 PM
Where: Click here to register

Do you wonder why San Francisco is the way it is? Are you curious how City Hall works and what the heck it spends $13 billion on every year? Find out with SF Politics 101.

Help Us Save Outdoor Dining

Here are two things you can do right now to help us outdoor dining permanent:

  1. Sign our petition

  2. Visit our website for instructions on how to email your Supervisor

We’ll keep you informed on updates and other ways to help get this across the finish line!

Fun in SF

Check out some of our favorite fun activities happening in SF right now:

Museé Méchanique Reopens on June 15

After 415 days of closure, SF’s iconic antique coin-operated arcade is finally reopening this June 15th! Swing by and celebrate the easing of restrictions in the Museé’s house of authentic and timeless treasures.

Hamilton Returns to SF on August 10

Evidence that the city’s reopening is indeed in full-swing, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s blockbuster musical “Hamilton” is set to reopen the Orpheum Theatre with a four-week run from Aug. 10 to Sept. 5.

Historic Chinatown Theater Reopens

Once frequented by Bruce Lee, the historic Great Star Theater in Chinatown had run out of money even before the pandemic. But thanks to the support of some committed SF residents, it is reopening for the first time in years this weekend. Check out their website for showtimes and ticket info.

Topical Tweets

Yes, there is good stuff on Twitter. Here’s some of it:

Do our officials actually wants schools to open or are they just playing politics?

SF’s DA and Police Chief appeared together on Twitter to reassure us that they don’t actually hate each other. As you can see, they did not succeed:

How to understand the housing market in NYC (though this can be applied to SF and other cities), using oranges: