Grow SF Governor Recall Voter Guide

There are only two questions on the recall ballot. The second one is the hard part.

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Why is it important to vote in this recall? This is going to be a very low turnout election, which means a few motivated Republican voters will be able to recall Governor Gavin Newsom if enough Democrats sit it out.

What’s the worst that could happen? The Democratic Party didn’t offer any viable alternative candidates. So if the recall goes through, one of the Republican candidates on the ballot will become California’s governor — and some of them are Trump supporters.

What can you do? The ballot will consist of only two questions: (1) Should Governor Newsom be recalled? and (2) Who should replace Governor Newsom if he is recalled? Be sure to answer both! The Grow SF PAC Voter Guide breaks down the alternative candidates so you can make the best decision.

See the Grow SF PAC Voter Guide

Why aren't any Democratic voter guides suggesting a backup choice? The Democratic Party does not allow Democratic clubs to endorse anyone who is not a registered Democrat.

While a few registered Democrats appear on the ballot, the Democratic Party did not recruit a viable alternative to Governor Newsom and is telling people to only vote "No" on the recall and leave question two blank. Grow SF thinks this is irresponsible. If Newsom is recalled and Democrats don't vote for a backup option, we are letting others decide who will be the new governor. There are no good choices but some are worse than others.

Grow SF is not controlled by any political interest groups or political parties. We are, and will always be, independent. We are committed to giving you the best advice available and explaining the trade-offs of all of your choices.

See the Grow SF PAC Voter Guide